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Heinz & Sons was incorporated in 1976 and began as an opportunity for Heinz Sawatzki and his 4 sons. But the seed of this company began much earlier. In 1937, Heinz Sawatzki, at the age of 14, began his apprenticeship in Germany.


He learned the wood working trade, which taught him how to create items of superior craftsmanship and old world quality. Heinz and his small family immigrated to the United States and settled in Utah in 1951. Finding work was difficult during that time and Heinz struggled to find a place in the trade he knew. He was able to find employment in many of the fine wood shops in Utah as well as trying his hand as a self-employed wood worker and contractor. One day his oldest son Frank approached him about going into the wood working business together. They began in the garage at the back of Heinz Sawatzki’s home, building kitchens for folks who wanted quality and something that would last.


Over time the business grew to include commercial as well as residential wood work, ensuring high-quality products for companies as well as individuals. Over the years all of Heinz’s sons have been involved, although only 2 remain today. Heinz retired in 1985, but during his sons training he taught them important principles that are often forgotten by many large companies. We apply these principles in the day to day function of our business, these principles include: honesty, integrity, completing projects within the promised time and making a friend of every customer.


Although retired, Heinz is still around and comes by most days to check the quality of the work and to encourage us on.


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